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Old Testament Studies

Old Testament illustrations on how to live today and scriptures written about Jesus long before He was born.

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OTS-7 - Samson’s Bad Choices

What do you know about Samson? Maybe you heard some things about Samson when you were young that stuck with you. Perhaps you heard about how Samson was a very strong man who took the jaw of a donkey and slew a multitude of people. Perhaps you heard how, with his strength, he killed the Philistines. On one occasion he pushed down the pillars holding up the building where idolaters were worshiping, and killed them. But what do you really know about Samson? We have heard the stories of how Samson is a great hero. But do we know the rest of the story concerning Samson? Samson is not really a Bible hero. Rather, he was a man who made a multitude of bad choices—but who, in the end, came to his senses.