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Old Testament Studies

Old Testament illustrations on how to live today and scriptures written about Jesus long before He was born.

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OTS-8 - Isaiah’s Commission

“Holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts. The whole earth is full of His glory” (Is. 6:3). In Isaiah 6, the prophet is confronted with God’s presence. What an awesome, soul-stirring event this must have been. In fact, I believe that it was this event that totally changed Isaiah’s life. Today, as we approach God’s presence through prayer, worship, and Bible study, we ought to feel like Isaiah felt—and feel “commissioned” just as Isaiah did. In this text, we will notice five life-changing events that took place in God’s presence. And just as they changed Isaiah’s life, so they ought to change our lives today to make us better servants and to better equip us to serve in the kingdom of the Lord.